OligarTechs. The Technological Oligarchy and Information Control.

Introduction the OligarTechs.

OligarTechs. Today we publish in our BLOG how our technological oligarchs, better known as OligarTechs, are desperate to regain control of the narrative.

Once again, YouTube, owned by Google, announced Tuesday that it purged more than 17,000 channels, 100,000 videos and a whopping 500 million comments in just three months after changing its rules on “hate speech.”


Narrative Control

They also said they are using AI to censor people for “hate speech” and automatically remove content even before it is seen.

This was posted on The Hill website, “YouTube says it has removed more than 100K videos under new hate speech rules”:

YouTube said Tuesday that it has removed more than 100,000 videos marked as hate speech under the new platform policy against intolerant and supremacist content.

The video exchange giant said it removed more than 17,000 channels and 100,000 videos for violating its hate speech policy between April and June.

The month the policy was instituted, a five-fold increase in the number of eliminations in the First three months of the year.

This is the graphic provided by You Tube with total impudence where they make known the channels, videos and comments censored and eliminated for being “hate speech”.

You Tube

“The spikes in the deletion numbers are partly due to the removal of comments, videos and previous channels that were previously allowed,” YouTube wrote in the post.

But the company does not clarify that they banned thousands of people who followed their rules to the letter accusing them of violating those same completely arbitrary new rules that are in effect since June.


Justification to Censorship

YouTube seems to be following its advice from a study published last month by a team of “researchers” led by a professor at George Washington University.

Who called for a slow but steady flow of mass bans on social networks to fight the so-called “groups of hate ”which coincidentally are the places where the globalist narrative is questioned.

Of course, it is not only the OligarTechs that are following the path of Orwellian censorship.

Now the Trump administration is considering partnering with Google, Amazon and Apple in a proposal that can use data collected from listening devices at home to qualify Americans with a social credit score in the best Chinese style to determine if they can own a weapon.

Narrative Control


OligarTechs and Hidden Information

As Aldous Huxley stated in the preface to his novel “A Brave New World” that the best information is that which is not known, the OligarTechs and their employees are bound to hide and remove all information that does not fit their directives

Taking the Climate Change story as an example, after many years, NASA admits that climate change occurs due to changes in the Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT due to SUVs and fossil fuels.

It is known that the orbits of the planets around the sun are variable, which is why planets like Mars show the effects of global warming even though fossil fuels are not burned.

It is also known that the Earth can move both in its axis and in its orientation of rotation. On higher slopes, Earth’s stations become much more extreme, while on lower slopes they become much softer.

In fact, Milutin Milanković, a Serbian civil engineer, astronomer, mathematician and geophysicist, was able to arrive at an integral mathematical model that is able to calculate surface temperatures on Earth over time.

The conclusion is simple: Earth’s climate has always been changing and it is in a constant state of flux what is known as orbital variations or Milanković cycles.

OligarTech´s II
Data Hiding and other lies


Other Cases of Data Hiding

This is not the only clear case, no data are released on which Greenland Glaciers are growing and there is an overpopulation of polar bears.

Another example is the Los Angeles Times newspaper that is trying to rewrite historical data on Earth’s climate to better adapt to the global warming narrative.

By promoting a new false “study” of the PAGES consortium, climate alarmists are now denying the existence of two well-studied climatic events known as the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.

The results of the so-called study align perfectly with the dogma of global warming, even if that means ignoring reality.

Under the leftist scientific dictatorship, only research that supports the Oligartechs’ agenda is promoted.



Any science that opposes the narrative chosen is denounced as “false” and thanks to the culture of liberal indignation, daring to embrace any opinion, fact or thought that goes against the flow is not only frowned upon: it is criminal.

We must not forget the fact that, although there is much evidence to contradict the narrative of global warming, daring to share this information on social networks is now similar to a hate crime.

Just what the OligarTechs need as an excuse to definitely control the data that you or anyone in your family has the right to know

We are heading for a very dark period of time for Freedom Speech and everyone should prepare accordingly.

One step that everyone can take immediately is to register at alternative technology sites like BitChute and Gab and leave Google Chrome and Firefox for Brave or Iridium.

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